Furniture Lab and Mass Flow presentration

N2, O2 Generator KOFLOC
Nitrogen Gas Generator Mini-CUBE SERIES(0.5NL/min-8NL/min),
Ozone Gas Generator PZ SERIES(3g/h-30g/h),
Oxygen Gas Generator Mini-CUBE SERIES(0.2NL/min-2NL/min),

 The Mini-CUBEseries,which was developed for small volume use,offers 99 to 99.999% purity and its ultra-small body can be placed on a desktop.A DC inverter compressor has also been used,allowing energy-saving functions as a tandard feature. This series also features a new design in harmony with peripheral equipment,making it optimal incidental equipment for analysis and culture devices,as well as soldering devices.
KOFLOC Mass flow controller 

KOFLOC is manufacturing and sale of area flow meters, fluid control valves, electronic flow meters, various fluid controllers, nitrogen, oxygen and ozone gas generators, fuel battery evaluation devices, deodorizers, water processors, etc. We are number the reader of mass flow controller in Japan and Asia.

Furniture Laboratory

WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen GmbH & Co. KG is a company of the WALDNER Group, which employs approximately 1,350 employees worldwide. We have developed and produced laboratory furniture for all applications in Wangen im Allgäu for more than 60 years.

Success Story

Design and build furniture for Laboratory

Storage and distribution of chemicals

Training and analytics laboratory on a surface area of approx. 400 m² at device manufacturer IKA in Staufen near Freiburg.

Design and Build-in for office and home

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