Clean Dry Air Generator Mini-CUBE SERIES(10NL/min)


MAIRS is the clean, dry air generator. It can supply the dry air that atmospheric pressure dew point can be less than -70 ℃.

หมวดหมู่ : Gas generator Clean Dry Air Generator



・Various analytical equipment(GC/DSC)
・Control of humidity
・Prevention with frost to the cooler


Tank unit (Option)

Tank unit is a gas holder for Mini-CUBE series. It is possible to make automatic start-stop by the storage pressure. These are
energy-saving effect, and it is a valid option when you intermittently use the gas. Size is the same size as the Mini-CUBE series
generator, it is also possible is to put a tank unit on top of the generator. There is no need to secure a space of the tank unit.


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