Mini-CUBE SERIES(0.5NL/min-8NL/min)


The Mini-CUBEseries,which was developed for small volume use,offers 99 to 99.999% purity and its ultra-small body can be placed on a desktop.A DC inverter compressor has also been used,allowing energy-saving functions as a tandard feature. This series also features a new design in harmony with peripheral equipment,making it optimal incidental equipment for analysis and culture devices,as well as soldering devices

หมวดหมู่ : Gas generator N2 generator





※1 N2+Ar levels
※2 Values obtained under environment conditions of 20℃ surrounding temperature and 60% relative humidity(RH) are converted for atmospheric pressure of 0℃. 
  The amount of N2 gas that can be produced may decrease due to surrounding temperature and humidity.
※3 Actual measurement values at 1m in front of the device,at 1m above the ground,in a semi-anechoice chamber.
※4 Energy consumption is the total nominal output of compressor,fan and PSA control part.
※5 Internal densitometer indicated values were used as a guide for the 99.999% specification. When precision is required, a high performance densitometer can be 
  fitted as an option.
※6 When intake temperature is high, equipment performance decreases. There is also a danger that this could lead to accelerated maintenance cycle.
  Ventilate the room when surronunding temperature is high.
For overseas specifications or special specifications not in our catalogue, please contact relevant staff at our company.
Product improvements may lead to specifications changing without notice.
This equipment does not conform to CE and RoHs directive at the moment.


Tank unit (Option)

Tank unit is a gas holder for Mini-CUBE series. It is possible to make automatic start-stop by the storage pressure. These are
energy-saving effect, and it is a valid option when you intermittently use the gas. Size is the same size as the Mini-CUBE series
generator, it is also possible is to put a tank unit on top of the generator. There is no need to secure a space of the tank unit.


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