Variable Primary Pressure Flow Controller MODEL 2204 SERIES


Model 2204 Variable Primary Pressure Flow Controller is a control valve that always keeps flows at a constant rate under a given constant level of secondary pressure (outlet pressure) even when the primary pressure (inlet pressure) fluctuates. The built-in precision needle valve accurately controls flows to the set flow rate, including ultra-minute flows.

หมวดหมู่ : Mass Flow (Kofloc) Flow control valve



• Stable flow control
A non-rotary needle valve composed of high-precision components ensures smooth control of even ultra-minute flows.
• Not subject to supply pressure fluctuations
Flows are protected from being affected by primary pressure (supply pressure) fluctuations, under a given constant level of secondary pressure (outlet pressure).
• Cleanliness ensured
All the high-precision components are super-cleaned before assembly so that the product can be safely used even on high-sensitivity instruments for analysis for which cleanliness is essential.

• Physical and chemical appliances
• Control of the second-stage operation of pumps
• Various instruments for analysis
• Environmental instrumentation systems

Standard Specifications

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