Simplified Paramount Miniature Needle Valve MODEL 2400 SERIES


This is a miniature needle valve at an affordable price with simplified construction that allows easy control of operation for fine regulation of gases and liquids. Its simplified structure is comprised of the components that are the minimum requirement, avoiding overspecification

หมวดหมู่ : Mass Flow (Kofloc) Flow control valve



• Panel-mount miniature type
Compact, space-saving, and ideal for mounting on the instrumentation board
• Compatible with both gases and liquids
• All precision-machined components are perfectly cleaned
before assembly to ensure cleanliness of the product for the customer's use with peace of mind.

• For flowmeters and pressure gauges
• For pollution-related instruments and analyzers
• For gas/liquid flow controls at laboratory
• For integration into instrumentation boards
• For sampling systems

Standard Specifications

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