Bellows Needle Valve MODEL 2450 SERIES


This bellows seal type needle valve has been specifically developed so that it can satisfy the requirements for such areas in which leak is a concern of vital importance. Model 2450 Bellows Needle Valve has a construction to drastically prevent fluid leaks. In addition, it is outstanding in heat resistance and corrosion resistance, so the customer can use it with peace of mind not only in such adverse conditions where high vacuum, high pressure, high temperature or extremely low temperature is present but also for corrosive, toxic or costly fluids.

หมวดหมู่ : Mass Flow (Kofloc) Flow control valve



• Stringent leak test (2 x 10-8 Pam3/sec)
100% leak test is conducted before shipping, using a helium leak detector.
• Use of a precision needle
The incorporated non-rotary type needle provides precise, smooth control of minute flows.
• Compatible with both gases and liquids
• Superior temperature characteristic
Flows are scarcely affected by ambient temperature fluctuations, remaining within an insignificant range of flow variations.
This superior temperature characteristic is applicable to gases only, and not to liquids, because the viscosity of a liquid may greatly vary depending upon the temperature conditions.


• For vacuum systems
• For semiconductor manufacturing lines
• For production lines where toxic or corrosive gases are present

Standard Specifications

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