Precision Needle Valve w/Non-rotary Needle MODEL 2412 SERIES


This needle valve has been designed to control minute gas and liquid flows with precision and ease. Design allows the rotation of the regulating screw to transform into linear motion of the needle without subjecting the needle to gaps and/or vibrations produced by the screw, so smooth, stable flows can be ensured.

หมวดหมู่ : Mass Flow (Kofloc) Flow control valve



• Capable of controlling ultra-minute flows
Very accurate, stable control of ultra-minute flows up to 1 ml/min possible
• Wide variations of needle type
15 types of needles are available for your choice of the type that best suits your needs.
• Needle of non-rotary structure
Because this valve is constructed so that the rotation of the regulating
screw is transformed into linear motion of the needle, the valve has a longer life in addition to superior control performance.
• Superior temperature characteristic (15-35°C)
The valve counts on an outstanding temperature characteristic (flow fluctuations remain within an insignificant range of 0.3%/°C to ambient temperature variations) thanks to the temperature compensation system incorporated in the valve's needle and orifice. This temperature compensation system is a utility model of KOFLOC registered at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. (Optional specification for needles #SS1 to #3B-BS)
This temperature compensation system is applicable to gases only, and not to liquids, because the viscosity of a liquid may fluctuate depending upon the temperature conditions.

• For accurate control of minute flows of gases and liquids

Standard Specifications

Optional Specifications

• Connection opening
• Materials not included in the standard specifications
Table of Rated Flow Ranges (Reference)

Due to operating conditions and instrumental errors, there may be differences in the range of 80% to 130% between the
values indicated in this table and those that are actually used by the customer. Please use these values for reference only.

CV Values

• For large flows, please refer to Model 2412D
• We can suggest you the needle most suitable for your equipment if the pressure, fluid, flow rate and other operating conditions of your equipment are known. Please use the above table for reference only.
• Connection openings not included in the standard specifications.

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