Small Proportional Solenoid Valve MODEL 3000 SERIES


The Model 3000 Series maintains flow control characteristics with hysteresis of 15% or less (full-scale current). This ultra-compact proportional solenoid valve is perfect for automatic gas flow control of gas chromatographs and various other analyzers. With its high resolution, the Model 3000 is also suitable for precision pressure control.

หมวดหมู่ : Mass Flow (Kofloc) Flow control valve



• Ultra-compact, lightweight and high-performance proportional valve for a single power source
• Low power consumption (max. 2 W)
• The annealed magnetic materials and specially designed flat spring completely prevent current fluctuations caused by vibrations due to plunger runout or friction.
• The magnetic yoke is shaped by cutting, not bending, and annealed to eliminate interference in the magnetic flux passage and increase magnetic force.
• Hysteresis not exceeding 15%, the lowest in the industry
• Compliance with RoHS

Standard Specifications


*1: This product is custom made only.
*2: The specifications show the proof pressure of the valve main unit. In the case of the hose nipple type, refer to the proof pressure of the hose.
*3: PWM: Pulse width modulation
*4: The temperature coefficient of the coil copper wire resistance is 0.004. The resistance is obtained by: Rt = R0°C (1 + 0.004 × t°C). When using voltage control, make sure that the ambient temperature does not vary widely. When the ambient temperature is likely to vary widely, we recommend current control.
*5: 12 VDC is also available as an optional specification for some models.

Example of Use

PWM-Controlled Flow Characteristics Example of Model 3000 Series

Flow Characteristics Example of Model 3000 Series

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