Multiple Flow Meter with Needle Valve MODEL RK120X SERIES


This multiple flow meter with a needle valve is made by combining several types of flow meter for controlling various flows in a laboratory. It is designed based on the RK1200, a flow meter with precision needle valve, and has been verified to have outstanding reliability.

หมวดหมู่ : Mass Flow (Kofloc) Rota flow



•Multiple control of two to four flow meters
Two to four flow meters can be attached to one unit to permit control
of various gases in various flow ranges.
•Various flow ranges
The flow meter can measure a variety of flows ranging from the very
small flow of full-scale 5 ML/MIN to 20 L/MIN.
•High-precision measurement and control
This flow meter is designed based on the precision flow meter RK1200 and permits control of very small flow and high-precision measurement (FS ±2%).


• Control of multiple components
• Multiple range control
• Flow control in laboratories

Standard Specifications

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