Digital Mass Flow Controller with Indicator DF-300C SERIES


The Model DF-300C Series is a mass flow controller with an integral indicator that operates on a 24-V power supply, as developed in response to the requests from users of the DF Series. It inherits the features of the DF-200C Series with enhanced convenience, including accuracy of ±1% S.P., response ≤1 sec (in all ranges), and the multiple-gas, multiple-range versatility, i.e., support of seven gases (including reference gas) and the ease of changing the flow rate range of each gas.

หมวดหมู่ : Mass Flow (Kofloc) Mass flow controller



・High accuracy (±1% S.P.), fast response (≤ 1 sec in all ranges)
・Support of multiple ranges and multiple gases
・Communication functions installed as standard feature (RS485)
・RoHS CE standard compliant
・Driven by single 24 V DC supply voltage
・With or without indicator (selectable)
・Selectable Input/output signal

Standard Specifications

*1 The gases must be dry and clean, free of corrosive components and foreign matter such as dust and mist.
*2 Dedicated software is available to change gases or change the actual full scale (F.S.) within the range of 30 to 100% (30 to 80% for CO2 only) of the
specified full scale.
*3 The flow rate calibration units SCCM and SLM indicate a mass flow rate converted to a volume flow rate in cc/min and L/min at 0°C and 1 atm.
*4 Guarantee for calibration gas: N2.
*5 Accuracy for calibration gas: N2, flow range (max. full scale).
*6 The operating differential pressure may differ depending on specifications.
*7 Contact us for any other joints.
*8 Exclusive of weight of joint.

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