SCALA - Lab of the future


SCALA - Lab of the future

หมวดหมู่ : Furniture Lab


  The new design of our laboratory furniture programme SCALA will be shaping the laboratory of the future. SCALA can easily be adapted to ever new situations in a room due its flexible functional units. With our laboratory furniture SCALA we are providing an innovative, fully developed technology: be it with our laboratory workbenches, our laboratory cabinets, theservice modules – first and foremost our service ceiling – or our laboratory fume cupboards.

Our laboratory fume cupboards feature utmost occupational safety for your laboratory workplace, at best linked with Waldner’s laboratory room control system.

However, we are not only furnishing your laboratory but we are also taking on the planning of your laboratory by request. We are, of course, providing suitable accessories for your laboratory, and our service technicians will visit your laboratory facility in regular intervals for inspection and maintenance works.
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