Serie 1349R


Sub-assembly of rod and stainless steel 304 float, with a floating coefficient of 2,5 with respect to the density of ammonia (the least dense refrigerant) to ensure its correct operation even when there is bubbling or foam. Differential of 50mm. to absorb the effects of waves caused by the sudden ingress of liquid, that results in the abnormal opening and closing of the supply upstream valve. If it is desidered to reduce the differential, unscrew the housing and lower the two upper nuts of the rod. Weather-proof hermetic mechanism to IP65. Upon request: weather and explosion-proof. IEC79 - IP65. One or two mechanisms with SPDT mercury contacts or SPDT dry contacts (microswitch). Electrical connection: 3/4" BPS or NPT 360° rotatable.

หมวดหมู่ : Solenoid Valves Refrigeration



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