Extract Alkohol CO2 Beer Monitor/Sensors


Extract Alkohol CO2 Beer Monitor - OG and Alcoholmeasurement Sensors



Temperature -3 to +25 °C
Concentration 0 to 25 °Plato
Alcohol 0 to  12.5 v/v%
Extract 0 to 10 w/w%
Pressure 1 to 10 bar



Before the fermentation a 2-component-system is existing consisting of extract and water. The concentration of this system can be determined by definition of a physical property, like density or sound velocity. After the fermentation alcohol is added as a third component. Due to this a 3-component-mixture occurred after completed fermentation consisting of remaining extract (the degree of fermentation is approx. 80 %), alcohol and water. With the continuous measurement signals of density and sound velocity of the two sensors Rhotec and Sonatec in combination the alcohol and extract concentration can be precisely determined. From these measured values of alcohol and remaining extract the concentration of the Original Wort can be precisely calculated with the Balling-formula. Because the extract composition of the beer varies, the gradient of the extract curve is different unlike the exactly defined alcohol curve. With a product specific calibration this extract dependency can be compensated. For reaching the mentioned repeatability of the measured values the CO2 concentration has to be kept better than +/-0,2 g/l or has to be determined separately for necessary compensation with an additional CO2 sensor Carbotec.
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