Biological Safety Cabinets Class II Type A2 Model HFsafe 900/1200/1500/1800 (Motorized Type)/Cabinets


Heal Force HFsafe biosafety cabinets set the standard in quality, design, and innovation that comes from a heritage of over 25 years experience. At Heal Force we know how important it is to offer a high level of protection to operator, product and environment with advanced technology. With an extensive track record of safety, reliability and performance, HFsafe Cabinets


-  Working area is surrounded by negative pressure, double wall plenum for protection, ensuring the safety of user, environment and operation.
 -  Humanization designs enhance comfort.
 -  Details of cabinet developed further to ensure easier cleaning with normal cleaning solvents.
 -  Motor consumes less energy, reduces heat output and operates more quietly.
 -  Equipped with long life ULPA filtration providing 99.999% typical efficiency for particle size of 0.1 to 0.2 microns and with patented filter life indicator.
 -  Two independent temperature-compensated airflow sensors monitor the airflow constantly, double secure safe operating conditions.
 -  The intuitive interface delivers a constant read-out of working area temperature, air velocity/volume, filter life span, total running time, and enables friendly communication.
 -  Advanced pressure monitoring, composed of downflow filter pressure sensor, exhaust filter pressure sensor, airflow pipes and switch circuits.
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