Air jacketed CO₂ Incubator Model HF212


HF212UV is an air jacketed, direct heat CO2 incubator, with UV decontamination system Key Points - 212L interior capacity - Preventive contamination control - UV decontamination system - Precise CO2 control and immediate recovery

หมวดหมู่ : Incubators Air jacketed CO₂ Incubator


 -  Unique design and effective method to ensure sterile conditions.
 -  Long-life ultraviolet lamp maintains contamination-free conditions within the chamber.
 -  Offer the best usable-space-to-volume ratio due to total absence of any additional fittings in the     interior chamber.
 -  Filtered via HEPA filter, able to filter particles larger than 0.3um at 99.998%.
 -  Absolutely condensation-free, even at high air humidity level.
 -  Outstanding dynamics ensure short recovery times and balance out any fluctuations caused by       door open.
 -  Auto-start function.
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