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Ultrasonic Concentration Sensor

   > Sound Velocity 400 - 3000 m/s
   > Reproducibility ± 0.01 m/s
   > Medium -25°C - +125°C / -13°F - +257°F
   > Environment -25°C - + 55°C / -13°F - +131°F
   > Pressure range max. 16 bar
   > Material of parts in contact with medium Stainless steel 1.4404, others on request
   > Process connections Dairy fitting connection DIN 11851; DN 65-100 / 2½-4"- Varivent®-Inline; DN 65-125 / 2½-4½" Others on request
   > Enclosure rating IP 65
   > Explosion protection (Optional) Ex II 2G Eex d IIC T6

     The Sonatec ultrasonic concentration sensor and transmitter is ideally suited for quantitative process monitoring and controlling in beverage, brewing, chemical and related industries where two-component processes need to be measured accurately. 
In combination of Sonatec sensor with Rhotec density sensor, three-component systems can be accurately measured and determined.

     The Sonatec Ultrasonic Concentration Sensor is a highly precise means of determining the sound velocity of liquids. Like density measurements, sound velocity is a material and concentration dependent quantity which can be used for determining the concentration of a liquid. The propagation time of a piezo-ceramic generated sound pulse is measured between the prongs of a fork-shaped measuring head installed directly in the process. As this propagation time changes, the sound velocity and resulting concentration changes are measured. The temperature dependence of the sound velocity measurement is compensated through the electronic measurement of parallel PT1000 temperature elements. From these measurement signals, calculated concentrations are obtained and displayed in Mass%, Volume%, °Brix, %Extract or other sound velocity calculable quantities of the measured medium. Due to the simple mechanical design without any movable parts, the sensor is very reliable and virtually maintenance free. The use of this technology with specific measurement software has a proven track record for liquids with dissolved and un-dissolved components, both organic and inorganic.
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