Flowmeter with Bellows Needle Valve MODEL RK1500 SERIES


The Model RK1500 Series Flowmeter is equipped with a bellows seal type needle valve so that it can withstand high vacuum, high pressure, high temperature and toxic gases.

หมวดหมู่ : Mass Flow (Kofloc) Rota flow


Flowmeter with Bellows Needle Valve MODEL RK1500 SERIES

   ・High reliability against leak is ensured because 100% leak test is conducted before shipping, using a helium leak detector.
   ・Bellows seal type needle valve perfectly eliminates leak from the valve stem.
   ・Superior corrosion resistance is ensured by using SUS 316,FKM, fluorocarbon resin and Pyrex glass only for wetted parts and those which are exposed to other 
   ・Enhanced stability and repeatability are ensured using a flow-meter consisting of a precision-formed try-flat, rib-guided glass tube and a ultra-precision ball float in combination with a so-phisticated needle valve. 

   ・For vacuum systems
   ・For semiconductor manufacturing lines 

Standard Specifications

Capacity Table

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