Flowmeter with Precision Needle Valve MODEL 1250 SERIES


The Model RK1250 Series Flowmeter is a completely re-newed model of existing KOFLOC RK1200, designed as a flowmeter that can be integrated into the customer's equip-ment. A combination of a grade high precision float type flowmeter with a needle valve capable of very accurate flow control provides a flowmeter ideal for measurement and control of trace flows.

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Flowmeter with Precision Needle Valve MODEL 1250 SERIES

   ・Capable of controlling ultra-minute flows
Can respond to a wide range of flows from ultra-minute flows of 0.5-3 ML/MIN to flows of 3-30 L/MIN.
   ・The incorporated precision needle valve allows a delicate con-trol of flows.
      The effective revolving speed of the needle valve can be maximized by specifying a maximum flow and normal supply pressure.
   ・Wide variations
Four total lengths of the flowmeter are available: 126, 156, 206, and 256 mm, for your selection according to your needs.
   ・Two types of valve arrangement
      The needle valve can be laid out either at the top or at the bottom of the meter. Choose the type that best suits your needs.
   ・Measurement and control of water flows also possible
Measurement and control of water flows not exceeding 1 L/MIN are also possible.

   ・For integration into your equipment panel
   ・For gas devices to be used on the semiconductor manufac-turing site
   ・For biotechnology industries
   ・For vacuum line control

Standard Specifications

Capacity Table



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