Low-Cost Flow Meter for Air and Nitrogen rota flow


These revolutionary low-price flow meters are massproduced for quick delivery. The body material is made of high corrosion-resistant engineering plastic molded into elegant shapes. rota flow

หมวดหมู่ : Mass Flow (Klofoc) Rota flow


Low-Cost Flow Meter for Air and Nitrogen MODEL RK1150 SERIES

   •Low price
Rationalized mass production with a resin mold for low cost and quick delivery.
   •Easy disassembly/reassembly
Users can easily disassemble the flow meter for cleaning.
   •Elegant design
Shapely panel surface without screws and compact design
   •Flow meters equipped with a flow control valve are also available.
Flow meters with a simple needle valve or a precision needle valve reduce installation space.
   •OEM supply is possible.
The body color, label, and valve shape can be specified for supply on an OEM basis.

Standard Specifications

rota flow
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