Purge Flow meter rota flow


This is a completely renewed model of the existing compact, economical KOFLOC RK1000. With its surprisingly slender appearance, this new compact model provides high stability performance that bears comparison with any high precision models. It can be ideally integrated in the customer's scientific instrumentation system. Reduced period of delivery is ensured. rota flow

หมวดหมู่ : Mass Flow (Klofoc) Rota flow


Purge Flowmeter MODEL RK1050 SERIES


   •Superior stability
      Superior stability is ensured through thorough antistatic measures and using the same try-flat, rib-guid glass tube as that used for high precision models.
      Economy and reduced period of shipping achieved through our allout effort at process streamlining such as introduction of mass production system using advanced printing technology
      Space-saving as its total length ranges from 84 mm to 154 mm.
   •Wide variations
      A broad range of variations is available in maximum flow rate, total length and materials of construction to meet diverse applications from a variety of fields. 

   • For integration into equipment panel
   • For gas purge systems
   • For measurement of welding gas flows
   • For various types of analyzers
   • For semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Standard Specifications


rota flow
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